History of Nigerian Breweries

History of Nigerian Breweries

Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. It serves the Nigerian market and exports to other parts of West Africa.

The Nigerian Breweries was incorporated in 1946. Its first bottle of beer, Star Lager, rolled off the bottling lines of its Lagos Brewery in June 1949. The brewery commissioned other breweries including Aba Brewery in 1957, Kaduna Brewery in 1963, and Ibadan Brewery in 1982. In September 1993, the company acquired its fifth brewery in Enugu, and in October 2003, its sixth brewery sited at Ameke in Enugu. Ama Brewery began brewing on the 22 March 2003 and at 3 million hectolitres is the largest brewery in Nigeria. Operations at Enugu brewery were discontinued in 2004, while the company acquired a malting Plant in Aba in 2008.

In October 2011, Nigerian Breweries acquired majority equity interests in Sona Systems Associates Business Management Limited, (Sona Systems) and Life Breweries Limited from Heineken N.V. This followed Heineken’s acquisition of controlling interests in five breweries in Nigeria from Sona Group in January 2011. Sona Systems’ two breweries in Ota and Kaduna and Life Breweries in Onitsha have now become part of Nigerian Breweries Plc, together with the three brands: Goldberg lager, Malta Gold and Life Continental lager.

In December 31st 2014, Nigerian Breweries Plc completed the merger with Consolidated Breweries Plc which added the three breweries in Ijebu-Ode, Awo-Omama and Makurdi. The brands 33 Export Lager, Williams Dark Ale, Turbo King Stout, More Lager, Breezer, Hi malt and Maltex(the first Nigerian malt drink) were also added.

In November 2015, Nigerian Breweries launched the international brand Strongbow cider which makes it the first in Nigeria to produce and bottle the cider category beverage.

Nigerian Breweries Plc now has ten operational breweries from which its products are distributed to all parts of Nigeria, in addition to the malting plants in Aba and Kaduna. Nigerian Breweries also supports operations in Champion Breweries Plc, Uyo.

The Nigerian Breweries owns brands like Heineken, Star Lager. Climax Energy Drink, Gulder, Goldberg, 33 Export, Legend Extra Stout, Amstel Malta, Maltina, Malta Gold, Maltex, Hi-Malt, Strongbow Apple Ciders, and Fayrouz.

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