These Are The Best Gin & Tonic Glasses

These Are The Best Gin & Tonic Glasses

Outside of the U.S. the gin and tonic is more than a standard well drink. It’s a classic cocktail that has endless possibilities and crafting one is a refined art.

After hand-selecting your best garnishes and dusting off your favorite bottle of gin, the cocktail is extremely aromatic and complex, which is why it’s extremely important to use the right glass.

As we know it in the U.S., G&T’s are served in highballs or a collins glass. However, doing so can limit the aromatics of the cocktail and leaves your hands warming up the drink. When travelling abroad, you’ll more often find the cocktail is served in more bulbous glasses. That’s why when making gin and tonics at home, we reach for glasses that let the drink shine.

The Best Gin and Tonic Glasses

Made from lead-free crystal, these glasses are specifically designed to enhance the aromas of your gin and tonic. The large, faceted bowl concentrates aromas to the wide mouth opening, bringing those delicate and nuanced notes of your preferred gin to the forefront. They can handle a generous scoop of ice, and with a short stem, your hands won’t warm the glass as you enjoy your cocktail.

Trust us, you’ll never use a highball again.

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