Canned ‘short’ Cocktail Range Launches to the on-trade

Canned ‘short’ Cocktail Range Launches to the on-trade

The company behind the new brand, Niche Cocktails, promises to be ‘really considerate around supply processes and payment terms,’ to help hospitality businesses

Niche Cocktails launched as an on-trade-only proposition just before lockdown with three canned cocktails: Blood Orange Old Fashioned (12% abv), Manuka Honey Whisky Sour (10% abv), and Matcha Mojito (8% abv).

The Suffolk-based business had to change focus almost immediately and has been selling through an online shop for home delivery ever since. It is now preparing to fulfill its original plan of supplying the on-trade as soon as venues are able to re-open.

Company director, Paddy Bishopp, said the team is ‘mindful of the heartache and trauma that the hospitality sector has been through’ and want to work alongside pubs and bars in an understanding way, to help them get back to their feet.

‘This has been the most awful time for pubs and restaurants, so we want to ensure that role we play, as a supplier, is one that’s really considerate around supply processes and payment terms. We’re focused on wanting to have a flexible and supportive relationship with all those we supply, so I’m looking forward to hearing from venues about how best we can work with them to enable them to add our products to their offering,’ he confirmed.

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