Coupette to Launch New Menu This September

Coupette to Launch New Menu This September

The Bethnal Green bar’s new Urban Legends & Their Uprising Tales menu will comprise six chapters and 24 cocktails.

The menu will document the journey of the bar’s new team while exploring the darker side of east London and the themes of wit, innovation, and teamwork against the odds.

Led by bar manager Andrei Marcu, Urban Legends & Their Uprising Tales has been a collaboration of the whole bar team and tells a fictional story of how this new ‘gang’ was built through, ‘illicit rum deals, spirit smuggling, and ingredient hustling’. Illustrator Molly Rose has also created vibrant illustrations for each drink on the menu.

Corny Gimlet

Alongside the bar’s award-winning signature serves, other cocktails have been created with savory notes and natural ingredients in mind. Ain’t Being Easy Cheesy combines Parmigiano with bourbon, mead, and raisins, while the Corny Gimlet (pictured above) uses a homemade corn liqueur to create depth alongside salty buttered gin and a splash of popcorn tea. Purple Hopper also comprises beetroot, white chocolate, cream and crème de menthe.

Imbibe particularly likes the sound of Cereal Wars (pictured below) – single-malt whiskey, genever, malt cocoa, and Aztec chocolate bitters.

Cereal Wars

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