How to Fail at Launching a Kickstarter

How to Fail at Launching a Kickstarter

When you decide to launch your Kickstarter via a Facebook Live Broadcast, and you forget to change the privacy settings, so no one knows you launched…. 


Ok, this is only a minor fail, and one that actually caused us to laugh our pants off when we found out.  Using the Live Broadcast was pretty fun, and we’ll probably do it again during this Kickstarter!

Here it is if you missed it (yeah, that would be all of you).  We had some technical difficulties with the WIFI at the start (all part of the process, right?) so skip to 10 minutes in to see us hit the infamous “LAUNCH” button.

We’re on day three of our project, so there’s still plenty of time left to pre-order a Mixing Glass and Ebony Muddler.  And there are still Maple Muddlers that will ship by Christmas!  Here’s the link: Kickstarter: Cocktail Mixing Glass and Wood Muddlers.


Rachel Eva

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